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5 Star Reviews

A very insightful look and perspective on a beautiful and heartfelt journey of trauma, resiliency, and faith. This book is a very powerful read full of inspiration and humility. I am overwhelmed at the nature of the author’s rawness & vulnerability and her ability to articulate her experience with such depth & grace. Thank you Indayia Foster for using your story to be a light to others and a testimony of your relationship with God



I love this Book. The writer is amazing and the way she writes about everyday issues we have and how to rely on God is everything. Honestly, I can’t wait for the next book. It’s the connection for me away to get through my darkest times and to know that God is there and Loves me is everything. She has really given me joy and hope.


Indayia Foster shows us that believing in God and trusting Him can bring us through anything even despair. He loves us and will not leave us. This a wonderful written book and has much insight for one so young. Her struggles and belief in God brought her through a most terrible time in her life and He will always remain with her and all of us. We have to believe and trust with our whole heart and soul!!! Great job! Keep writing! God stay with you always!!!


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